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Skilled America Podcast: Manufacturing a Response


The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented new challenges for business leaders, while bringing existing challenges into sharper view. Still, business leaders across the country have brought innovation and ingenuity to this crisis, with many working to be part of the solution. National Skills Coalition’s Skilled America Podcast is reporting weekly... Read More

COVID-19 Information


AccuRounds will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has designated 16 critical infrastructure sectors that are deemed to be crucial to the nation's economy, security, and health. AccuRounds is part of the Critical Manufacturing Sector. The Critical Manufacturing Sector is vital to the economic... Read More

Adopting Continuous Improvement as Company Culture


This Production Machining article takes a look at how four precision machining companies utilize continuous improvement programs to increase efficiency and reduce waste. AccuRounds, Micron Manufacturing, EMC Precision and Harmonic Machine share their experiences with various techniques and the benefits their businesses have realized as a result. Read the article... Read More

AccuRounds CEO Featured in Leadership Podcast


On this CEO Adventures in Leadership podcast, listen to Michael Tamasi talk with host, Richard Huttner, about continually energizing and developing the AccuRounds team to drive initiative and improve productivity. Podcast: Commitment to the Team Read More

Communication Clears Machine Monitoring’s Morale Hurdles


This Modern Machine Shop blog post discusses how the implementation of MachineMetrics monitoring system at AccuRounds transformed shop floor efficiency. "When pen-and-paper methods of tracking job efficiency left AccuRounds’ engineers and managers in the dark, the shop switched to MachineMetrics. But machine monitoring brought morale challenges along with it." Read... Read More