Cutting Edge Award

AccuRounds created The Cutting Edge Award to recognize team members for exhibiting outstanding attitude and behavior that upholds the company Core Values:


Recipients are nominated by fellow team members and the award is passed along from peer to peer.

Alec Amado receives CEA

November 2020

Anderson Varela (r) receives CEA from Rick Capostagno

September 2020

Rick Capostagno receives CEA

August 2020

Bob Nicholson receives CEA

July 2020

Brian Flanders (r) receives CEA from Michael Olivolo

February 2020

Michael Olivolo (r) receives CEA from Brian Mann

January 2020

Brian Mann (l) receives CEA from Brian Lockwood

December 2019

Brian Lockwood receives CEA from Colleen Wood

November 2019

Colleen Wood receives CEA from Bob Martell

August 2019

Bob Martell (l) receives CEA from Corey Hartwell

July 2019

Corey Hartwell (l) receives CEA from Larry Connolly

May 2019

Larry Connolly (l) receives CEA from Jose Narciso

April 2019