Engineering Services

For close tolerance work, few manufacturing floors are as well equipped to provide the choices that AccuRounds does. A focus on planning at the quote and order entry stages ensures the most cost-effective methods are used to produce your parts and assemblies.

As every manufacturer in this global economy knows, cost containment is just as critical to their product as quality and delivery. Our sales and engineering staff can collaborate with you on the design elements of your parts. This input will give your engineers various options to reduce cost without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Partnering with our customers to achieve cost savings helps make the customer’s product more competitive in the marketplace. AccuRounds can lend its ability and years of experience in manufacturing precision mechanical components to your new designs, or your mature products, to drive out cost. The bonus is often enhanced product quality or throughput advantages that can speed your product to market.

Prototype builds or pre-production runs can help validate that form, fit and function will be as intended in production.


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