Operational Excellence and Lean Practices

From the time of quote to shipment of your product, you will experience unparalleled service from AccuRounds. Doing business with us will be seamless. You will receive your job on-time, to exact specifications.

Lean Practice

The AccuRounds team is committed to continuous improvement. Our production floor practices quality at the source, measuring quality every step of the process. The reduction of waste exposed through lean ultimately drives down costs and expedites manufacturing time, providing you with the most cost competitive component, increasing speed to market.

Our production floor is organized in Value Streams to deliver these customer benefits:

  • Reduced non-value added activity resulting in shorter lead-times
  • Reduced in-process inventory allowing for JIT and Kanban deliveries
  • Rapid response due to improved flow of both product and information
Team Member Empowerment

Our team members are champions of continuous improvement. With a Quick and Easy Kaizen program, any team member can identify and implement an opportunity for improvement, increasing efficiency.

As a result of lean management and Operational Excellence, AccuRounds is a highly flexible organization able to respond rapidly to changing customer needs.

Quality Policy

AccuRounds is dedicated to providing our customers with products and services that meet their expectations, comply with requirements, and continually improve our quality performance while maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system.