Operational Excellence
Path to Perfection

AccuRounds was started by Len Tamasi, an immigrant from Italy, on a set of values and principles that will endure forever. Len was driven to always:

  • Base decisions on what’s right for team members and customers
  • Provide a quality product
  • Deliver a superior level of service

These values and principles have been espoused over the years and incorporated into our corporate doctrine which we refer to as The Path to Perfection – People, Process, Passion. This doctrine is outlined below by our Core Purpose, Core Values, True North and Quality Policy. It is the reason we exist, and what drives us to improve every day.



Core Purpose

        To be the Defining Standard for Advanced Manufacturing

Core Values – Guiding Principles


  • Recognize the good and express appreciation
  • Care for teammates
  • Embrace adversity as an opportunity


  • Strive for perfection and competitive greatness 
  • Assure quality at the source – Rely on facts and data 
  • Provide secret service

        TEAM FIRST

  • Empower and involve everyone 
  • Work together enthusiastically to achieve common goals 
  • Practice continuous learning


  • Focus on process – Standardize and stabilize – Integrate improvement with work
  • Insist on direct observation – Innovate
  • Assure a safe environment


  • Trust = Character (Integrity, Intent) and Competence (Capabilities, Results)
  • Respect every individual – Be accountable for your actions
  • Lead with humility and positive behavior     

True North – Mission

      Human Development + Velocity ó Growth

       By leading with a people-centric approach to business relationships, we will:

  • Partner people with technology 
  • Commit to operational excellence – keep it simple and visual 
  • Strengthen our market position 
  • Conduct business ethically 
  • Operate profitably 
  • Maintain a safe environment 
  • Enrich the lives of our employees 
  • Contribute to the community 
  • Volunteer time, energy and ideas to the future of our industry 
  • Have fun!

Quality Policy

AccuRounds is dedicated to consistently satisfying the requirements of our customers.
We will continuously improve our lean management system with an intense focus on internal processes, supplier relationships and customer service, while committing to eliminate all non-value added activity.