CNC Turning and Milling

AccuRounds has a variety of options to manufacture precision round components. Beyond the size ranges and capabilities of our Swiss machines, our CNC lathes are ideal for machining your difficult projects. If your need involves larger diameter materials, cut blanks, heavy amounts of stock removal or difficult to machine alloys, we can handle the job. Beyond conventional turning tasks, the on-board live tooling can mill and drill complex shapes and features – all done in one step.

With such a wide variety of choices available to our manufacturing engineers, your products can be produced in the best possible manner, saving precious time and reducing critical cost.

We can manufacture to these specifications on our CNC Turning machines:

  • Diameters from .125" to 6.0"
  • Tolerances to .00020"
  • Lengths to 4'
  • Finishes to 3 Ra

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