CNC Milling Machine Operator - 1st or 2nd Shift


Controls the operations and output of milling machines in a contemporary, high-tech manufacturing environment. Responsible for monitoring the status, wear and efficiency of tools as they process high-precision products. Works with close tolerances requiring exacting setups where fixtures and vises are used. Selects speeds, feeds and tooling for a normal range of operation. Plans, sets up and performs work on drill presses on a production basis where tolerances are controlled by tooling of a moderately complex nature for drilling, reaming, tapping and machining of parts. Performs hand operations, such as filing, fitting, scraping, grinding, etc. Ability to use shop mathematics, drawings and measuring tools such as indicators, micrometers and gauges.

• Must demonstrate to management a willingness to perform. Which would include, but not be limited to a responsible attitude, a good attendance record, working in a safe manner as per safety policy, have a proactive attitude, be responsible to operating problems and supervisors/managers instructions and otherwise handling their assignments in an exemplary manner.
• Demonstrate initiative and independent judgment for managing work, assisting team members, addressing unforeseen problems and improving cell performance.
• Act with integrity
• Share information and collaborate for process improvement throughout the shop.
• Reviews work order and specifications to determine machining sequence, and dimensions of finished components
• Manipulates controls and enters commands to start machine and to index cutting tool to specified set point
• Observes and listens to machine operation to detect malfunctions, such as worn or damaged cutting tools
• Changes cutting tools and location of components during machining process as specified in setup instructions
• Measures components for conformance to specification, using measuring instruments, such as micrometers, dial indicators, and gauges
• Notifies VSC of problems or discrepancies
• Adjusts machine feed and speed and change cutters to machine parts according to specifications when automatic programming is faulty or machine malfunctions
• Performs secondary operations simultaneously with running job, whenever possible
• Maintain a clean and orderly work area. Performs all work safely and efficiently.
• Communicates with co-workers and VSC to receive instructions and coordinate activities
• Inspects and measures parts to maintain process control reports
• Accurately records all performed operations in Visual Labor Entry Barcoding System
• Performs all other job duties as required.
• Must be able to perform tasks with a full range of motion from kneeling, crouched, stooped, bent at the waist, upright and arms fully extended overhead. Must be able to lift, push, pull, 10-50 pounds. Must have fine motor hand dexterity. Visual acuity and accommodation are required for reading machine dial gauges, blueprints and precision measuring instruments. Hearing ability to monitor machine sounds to identify and diagnose changes in order to take appropriate action.